October 19th 2023 Meeting Minutes

The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 19, 2023, Supervisor Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisor roll call: Fitzgerald, Watson, Beggs, all present. Also present:  Judy Henry, Stan Mattes, Rob Welch, Rick Sheley, Ed Perkins, Rhonda Perkins, Raymond Olney, Justin Savage and Shellia Culp.

Watson motioned to approve the minutes from October 12, 2023, as well as approve the agenda for today’s meeting.  Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Public comments:

Ed Perkins addressed the Board about the hiring or not hiring of the employee in the Recorders Office.  Watson and Beggs followed the request of their constituents. Fitzgerald took the suggestion of the office holder, Rick Sheley.  Perkins felt Fitzgerald’s vote was appalling and disgraceful. 

Stan Mattes spoke to the Board about Forrest Reserve, requested they take caution since we have no Assessor in place.  Mattes said other taxpayers must consume the cost of the taxes lost.

Committee Report:

Beggs went to the Ambulance Board Annual Meeting.

Secondary Roads:

Raymond Olney presented the Weed Commissioner Yearly Statement.  He requested the Board sign it and mail it in.

Savage presented 4 SIRWA utility permits. Beggs motioned to approve the utility permits. Watson seconded. MC 3-0.  Savage said they are continuing to work on various projects while the weather holds out.

The Secondary Roads Transfer was tabled until the October 24, 2023, meeting. 

New Business

Shellia Culp updated the Board on repairs around the courthouse, still looking to get information on the basement floor.

Ed Perkins made a request that the Board bring back live streaming.  By doing away with the streaming, you’re doing away with transparency to the public.  The equipment issue isn’t the County’s problem and Josh Good shouldn’t be confined to his office like a jail, that live streaming is part of his job.   Just because a few people have problems, it shouldn’t be taken away from those that can stream it. Perkins said Iowa Code Chapter 21 deals with Public Meetings and ambiguity when issues can’t be resolved.   Ambiguity should be resolved by openness and being transparent. 

A letter of resignation was received from Judy O’Grady pertaining to the Taylor County Eminent Domain Board.  Beggs made a motion to accept the letter of resignation, Watson seconded. MC 3-0

Crystal Drake joined the Board to discuss the Public Health building progress. Drake had attended the Annual Board meeting for the Ambulance.  The Ambulance employees haven’t had a raise for 11 years.   Jan Sickles has been looking into a levy for the EMS. 

Beggs made a motion to approve the Insurance Buyout for a County employee, Watson seconded. MC 3-0. 

Watson made a motion to allow Homestead Tax Credits for Lucas Larsen and Wannita Olson. Beggs seconded the motion. MC 3-0

The Board will be holding Department Head meetings on a quarterly basis.

The Board discussed future topics of discussion for future meetings. Beggs made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Watson seconded. MC 3-0

The Board of Supervisors approve these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Board of Supervisors Minute Book

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