May 16th 2023 Conference Board Meeting Minutes



The Taylor County Conference Board met at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023.

Chairperson Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. Members present: Ronald Fitzgerald, Kim Watson, Jack Beggs, Dennis Brown, and Jack Spencer were present and Monty Douglas attended virtually.  Also present: Corey Leftwich, Paige Beason, and David Winney.

Spencer motioned to approve the agenda with the addition of comments from the Assessor’s Clerk and the minutes for April 26th.  Watson seconded.  MC 6-0 with all in favor.

Paige Beason and David Winney addressed the Conference Board, expressing a desire to have an Assessor hired.

The Conference Board discussed the Examining Board.  Paul Maynes and Garland Fickess advised Board members that they wished to step down.  Various names were mentioned as potential candidates for the Examining Board.  Beason made contact with Jim McAlpin, the remaining member of the Examining Board, who advised Beason that he wished to step down effective immediately.  Spencer advised members of the Examining Board are required to be non-biased, and they should not consider candidates who spoke in public comments at recent meetings.  The Board agreed to continue to gather names of potential candidates and reconvene to discuss the topic at a later meeting.  Matt Churchill joined the meeting.

The Board discussed advertising for the Assessor’s position.  Leftwich requested to assist with placing advertisements for the position to reduce additional delays in the process, with all applications going to the Chairman of the Conference Board for transparency reasons.  The job ads were discussed with the Board requesting to advertise for Assessor, Deputy Assessor, and qualified candidates who are able to gain Assessor certifications within 90 days of hire.  The position will be available until filled and the wage will be based on experience.  Watson motioned to approve the advertisements as stated.  Spencer seconded.  MC 7-0 with all in favor.

Brown motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Monty Douglas seconded.  MC 7-0.

The Conference Board approves these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Conference Board Minute Book:

    __________________________________ Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairperson Taylor County Conference Board    __________________________________ Corey Leftwich, Preparer                Taylor County Auditor
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