December 7, 2023 Meeting Minutes


The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday,
December 7, 2023, Supervisor Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisor roll call: Fitzgerald, Watson and Beggs all present. Also present: Judy Henry, Rob Welch, Corey Walters, Shellia Culp, Justin Savage, Toney McElroy, Gayle Houk and Todd Brown.

Watson made a motion to approve the minutes from November 30, 2023, meeting and to amend the agenda to read “to hold the Public Hearing for change in road status” instead of “to set the date of the Public Hearing for road status”. Beggs seconded. MC 3-0.

Public comments:
No comments.

Committee Report:
No reports.

Secondary Roads:
Beggs made a motion to open the Public Hearing for 1 mile of Orange Avenue to be turned into Level C. Watson seconded the motion. MC 3-0. Fitzgerald asked for public comment. Gayle Houk stated she still uses Orange Ave quite often to see family. The Sharpsburg Fire Department used Orange Ave to get to her residence when her house caught fire. She knows many people still use the road. Todd Brown rents a farm near part of Orange Ave and prefers to keep the road open, so he has access to the farm. Brown stated several landowners still use the road since it goes all the way through and is not a dead end. It is a good short cut for the Sharpsburg Fire Department to use for fires.
Beggs made a motion to close the Public Hearing. Watson seconded. MC 3-0. No action taken, the road remains Level B.
Beggs made a motion to go into Closed Session, Watson seconded. MC 3-0. The meeting went into closed session at 9:20 a.m. The Board returned from closed session at 9:45 a.m.
Savage reviewed the Battery Energy Storage Ordinance & Engineering Project from Burns & McDonnell. The Board tabled the Ordinance until further research is done and after County Attorney Spurrier reviews.
Beggs made a motion to approve the purchase agreement for Project BRSC0809850—60-80. Watson seconded. MC 3-0.

New Business
Auditor, Judy Henry, submitted dates for 2024 Holidays, Bill Pays and Pay Dates. Beggs made a motion to approve the dates. Watson seconded the motion. MC 3-0.
Cole Walters, Taylor County Partners, was present to make a request for “The Farm” funding. No action taken.
Crystal Drake updated the Board on the Public Health Building. Fitzgerald said Tony Simmons will be ok leasing the South Building from Public Health for 6 months.

The Board reviewed and approved claims to be paid.

The Board discussed future topics of discussion for future meetings.

Beggs made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Watson seconded. MC 3-0.

The Board of Supervisors approve these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Board of Supervisors Minute Book:

Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairman
Taylor County Board of Supervisors

Attest, Judy Henry
Taylor County Auditor

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