March 14th 2023 Conference Board Meeting Minutes

The Taylor County Conference Board met at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023.

Chairperson Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. Members present: Ronald Fitzgerald, Kim Watson, Jack Beggs, Matt Churchill, Richard Brown, Randy Kernen, Charles Ambrose, Melissa Douglas, Frank Sefrit, Chris England, Jack Spencer and Monty Douglas via telephone.

Beggs motioned to approve the agenda for the current meeting and was seconded.  MC 12-0.

There were no public comments.

Beason presented to the Board a request to pursue a position as the Deputy Assessor.  Leftwich advised that if she wishes to pursue that position, that he would support it if the Conference Board will support her goal as well.  Beason confirmed for the Board that the training and testing is at no cost. Beason also confirmed that she can take the test as many times as needed to pass and will start pursuing that position immediately assuming the Conference Board will support her goal.  Melissa Douglas motioned to support Beason in her pursuit of the position as Deputy Assessor at the request of Leftwich, which was seconded.  MC 12-0.

Leftwich presented the budget for the Assessor’s office.  Leftwich went over some of the key figures and answered questions the Board had about the budget.  He advised the adjustments to the wages were made per the request of the Conference Board.  When discussing budgets, Leftwich advised that it included an additional amount for postage, to allow the Assessor’s Office to outsource the mailing of Assessment Notices.  Leftwich advised that the amount would have to be added to the budget for FY23, and would have to be amended to account for that change.  Ambrose and Melissa Douglas advised that the amount appeared low and it would need to be increased to cover the anticipated cost.  Ambrose motioned to increase the cost to $5,000 which was seconded.  MC 12-0.

Leftwich advised the Conference Board that various other line items were increased for FY23 and would need to be included in the amendment.  Leftwich and Beason discussed printer options that might need to be included in the budget or budget amendment to take into consideration the lease of a printer.  Beason advised that the decision on the printer would be best discussed in a future meeting.  Leftwich then advised that a hearing date would need to be set to have the public hearing for the budget and amendment.  The Conference Board agreed that March 28th would be an acceptable date.

Ambrose motioned to adjourn the meeting and was seconded.  MC 12-0.

The Conference Board approves these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Conference Board Minute Book:

    __________________________________ Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairperson Taylor County Conference Board    __________________________________ Corey Leftwich, Preparer                Taylor County Auditor
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