February 27th 2023 Conference Board Meeting Minutes

The Taylor County Conference Board met at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2023.

Chairperson Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. Members present: Ronald Fitzgerald, Kim Watson, Jack Beggs, Matt Churchill, Richard Brown, Randy Kernen, Charles Ambrose, Melissa Douglas, Dennis Brown, Frank Sefrit, Chris England, Jack Spencer and Monty Douglas.

Spencer motioned to approve the minutes from the January 30th meeting and the agenda for the current meeting.  Melissa Douglas seconded.  MC 13-0.

Paige Beason, Paul Maynes, Kay Goodridge, Stan Mattes, Judy Henry, and Annie Brill spoke during public comments. 

Discussion continued amongst the Board, regarding the vacancy in the Assessor’s Office.  Kernen expressed concern about Bethany Murphy being terminated and wanted to see all of the details relating to her termination.  Fitzgerald stated he believes the details should be released. 

County Attorney Spurrier was asked if the details would have to be released in closed session, and Monty Douglas advised it should be done in open session so that everyone knows what is going on.  Ambrose advised he would like to see those details also, but it should only be done publicly if Murphy is okay with it. 

Watson asked Paige Beason if she had an interest in being a Deputy Assessor.  Beason replied that she would be interested only if the right person is selected for the Assessor position. 

Leftwich presented the initial budget for the Assessor’s office.  Leftwich went over some of the key figures and asked the Board to take the preliminary budget with them to review and discuss in detail at a future meeting. 

Kernen motioned to adjourn the meeting. Brown seconded.  MC 13-0.

The Conference Board approves these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Conference Board Minute Book:

    __________________________________ Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairperson Taylor County Conference Board    __________________________________ Corey Leftwich, Preparer                Taylor County Auditor
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