January 14th 2021 Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2021
The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session with Doug Horton, Ron Fitzgerald, Pam Wilmarth, and Auditor Bethany Murphy present.
Wilmarth made a motion seconded by Fitzgerald to approve the minutes of last meeting and todays agenda. Motion carried 3-0.
JD King joined the meeting and updated the Board on projects at Secondary Roads. They are tuning up trucks for possible weather.
The Board did not approve the Resolution 2021-13 appointing JD King as interim engineer. The was not approved due to the fact it was already approved and the DOT will not require a new one.
JD King spoke with the Board on approving him to digitally approve plans with the DOT.
Clint Spurrier joined the meeting to discuss the Covid Leave policy and the Work from Home Policy. Shellia Culp, Sharon Dalton, Belinda Ogle and Sue Cox joined the meeting. Clint would like to see some language added to the policies. The Board agreed to the additions. The policies will hopefully be ready next week.
The discussion turned to health insurance. The discussion centered around the previous motion to have duel insured employees start paying $261.00 towards their family insurance. These employees believe they are being discriminated against for having family insurance.
Wilmarth made a motion to remove the $261.00 per month from the duel insured employees. Motion died for lack of second.
Wilmarth made a motion seconded by Fitzgerald to resend the $261.00 from the duel employed, in addition the county will allow the duel full time employed employees one to take out a family policy, and the other to take a single policy so the single insurance coverage can be applied to the employee share of the family policy. Motion carried 3-0.
Fitzgerald gave a report on the ATURA meeting he attended.
Treasurer Dana Davis presented the Semi-Annual Report. Wilmarth made a motion seconded by Fitzgerald to accept the Semi-Annual Report. Motion carried 3-0.
The Board reviewed the Quarterly Report from the Sheriff’s Department.
The Board approved the monthly payment to Secure Benefits of $682.06 for the monthly premium buydown.
The Board continued work on their budget.
No further business came before the Board at this time, and the meeting was adjourned subject to call.
Attest: Doug Horton, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Bethany Murphy, Taylor County Auditor

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