Taylor County Sanitation

Zoie Lecy


Phone: 712 523 2852

Department information

Office hours vary as many job functions are performed outside the office. General hours are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
409 State Street,
Bedford, IA 50833
Phone: 641-344-0083

The Taylor County Sanitation department provides services to ensure homeowners are receiving the best/legal systems for their homes. The sanitation department also provides services to help keep  homeowners healthy through prevention of contamination of soil, ground and surface water. 

Services include:

  • Onsite wastewater disposal system (septic system) designs, permits and inspections
  • Time of Transfer septic system inspections
  • Water well construction permits and inspections
  • Geothermal system well construction permits and inspections
  • Administration of the State of Iowa Grants-to-Counties Groundwater Protection Program – free private water well testing; cost-share for abandoned well and cistern closures and well rehabilitation

Onsite Wastewater Disposal System (Septic System) Permits
A permit is required to construct or repair any septic system in Taylor County.  A soil analysis is required as part of the permit in order to determine the type and size of system needed.  Please contact one of the soil scientists to complete your soil analysis.

All systems must be designed and constructed to comply with Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 69.  This is verified through inspections by the Sanitation Department.

Time of Transfer Inspections
The state’s Time of Transfer law requires onsite wastewater disposal system inspections when a property is transferred.  All septic systems must have a proper secondary treatment portion that is correctly treating the effluent.  Specific forms signed by the Sanitarian are required when filing the property transfer with the County Recorder.  You can acquire these forms by contracting the Sanitarian. There are a few exemptions included in this law, ask your Sanitarian if you are eligible for this exemption.

Well Construction
New private water wells, geothermal wells and monitoring wells must be permitted and inspected by the Sanitarian.  The well permit shall be obtained prior to beginning work.  Well drillers must be Iowa certified in order to drill wells in Iowa.

Grants to Counties
The State of Iowa Grants-to-Counties Groundwater Protection Program is funded by taxes on pesticides.  This program provides free private water well testing, cost-share for abandoned well and cistern closures and well rehabilitation.

  • Free Private Well Water Tests:  Coliform bacteria, nitrates, E. coli and arsenic are common contaminants of private water wells.  Our staff will take the water sample and mail it to a certified lab.  You will receive a copy of the test results and recommendations on correcting a contaminated well.
  • Well/Cistern Closures:   The cost share offers up to $500 to close a well and up to $300 to close a cistern.  The work must be done by an Iowa certified well closing contractor or well driller or pump installer.  These amounts usually cover the cost unless the well/cistern is exceptionally large.  If the landowner chooses to close the well himself, our staff must be present during the entire procedure.  The landowner can only be reimbursed for materials; no reimbursement for labor.  All closures must be approved in advance to ensure they will qualify for cost-share.
  • Well Rehabilitation:    Up to $1,000 can be reimbursed for specific work on a well.  For complete details, contact the Sanitarian.

Zoie Lecy can best be contacted by calling or texting the cell phone number 641-344-0083

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