December 22nd 2022 Meeting Minutes


The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 22nd, 2022.

Supervisor Wilmarth called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisor roll call: Wilmarth, Horton (attending virtually), Fitzgerald, all present. Also present: Corey Leftwich, Kim Watson, Justin Savage and Crystal Drake.

Fitzgerald made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 15th meeting and the agenda for the December 22nd meeting. Horton seconded the motion. MC 3-0.

There were no public comments or committee reports.

Savage presented a utility permit to the Board. Fitzgerald motioned to approve the utility permit. Horton seconded. MC 3-0.

Savage left the meeting. Julie Robinson, Jeff Cummings and Susan Swartz joined the meeting.

Cummings and Swartz presented their recommendations to the Board that were discussed in their Compensation Board meeting that occurred December 14th. Cummings advised the Compensation Board recommended the Sheriff receive a $3,000 increase, to continue to remain in adherence with the “Back the Blue” law and make it comparable to other law enforcement officers operating in a similar capacity. It was then recommended the Sheriff also receive a 10% increase on top of the $3,000 increase. Cummings and Swartz also recommended a 10% increase for all elected officials. They advised their decision is based on inflation and cost-of-living increases, to allow the elected officials’ compensation to keep up with the increased cost-of-living adjustment as determined by the Social Security Administration, which came in at 8.7%. The Board had no questions based on the recommendations. Cummings and Swartz left the meeting.

Good presented a Leadership Training opportunity to the Board, that is offered by the National Association of Counties (NACo) at a cost of $1,000 for the 12-week course. The Board advised that they would like Leftwich to attend this year. To take advantage of the scholarship offered by NACo, registration must occur prior to December 30th. ARPA funding will be utilized for this upcoming training, with future years being presented in the budget for one person to attend annually. Fitzgerald motioned to approve as stated. Horton seconded. MC 3-0.

Cole Walters joined the meeting.

Leftwich presented to the Board an amendment regarding the structure of the Wellness Committee. It was recommended that each department in the county have one representative on the committee to ensure fair and equal representation from all departments. The representative would consist of either a department head or a delegate, to be determined by each department head. It was also suggested that Drake be the coordinator for the committee based on her experience and leadership in the subject matter. Fitzgerald motioned to approve the structure as stated, with Drake as coordinator. Horton seconded. MC 3-0.

Julie Robinson left the meeting.

The Board discussed ARPA funding and the bid for the renovation of 203 Main St. for the Public Health department. There was a lot of discussion on the best option available, including discussing: proceeding with the renovation, posting notice for additional bids, partnering with another entity on a joint venture, or building a new structure to house the department. The Board decided to table the discussion until they could gauge the interest of potential partners and explore any additional options or new information during a “work session” on December 27th.

Doug Horton, Cole Walters, Crystal Drake, and Josh Good left the meeting.

The Board reviewed and approved claims to be paid. The Board discussed agenda items for the next meeting. Fitzgerald motioned to adjourn the meeting. MC 2-0.

Pam Wilmarth, Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Corey Leftwich, Acting Auditor

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