January 30th 2023 Conference Board Meeting Minutes

The Taylor County Conference Board met at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 30, 2023.

Chairperson Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. Members present: Ronald Fitzgerald, Kim Watson, Jack Beggs, Matt Churchill, Richard Brown, Randy Kernen, Charles Ambrose, Melissa Douglas, Dennis Brown, Jack Spencer and Monty Douglas.

Fitzgerald motioned to amend the agenda to reflect the meeting occurring in the Courtroom of the Taylor County Courthouse, and to postpone the discussion on the Assessor’s FY2024 Budget.  Motion seconded.  MC 10-0.

Paige Beason, Bethany Murphy, and Shellia Culp spoke during public comments.  Ambrose asked legal questions of the County Attorney Clint Spurrier.  Joe Murphy inquired to Leftwich and the Board about events that occurred during the termination of a Courthouse employee, to which Leftwich advised it would be addressed in closed session.

Paul Maynes and Garland Fickess from the Examining Board, reported to the Board that they received the list of eligible candidates from the Iowa Department of Revenue and the list of candidates had not significantly changed.  For that reason, instead of sending letters to all nearby eligible candidates, they have posted an ad in various papers for an Assessor or clerk.

Ambrose motioned to go into closed session under Iowa Code 21.5(1)(i) to discuss the acting Assessor’s actions in terminating an Assessor’s clerk, with the amendment to allow Murphy and Beason to attend the closed session. Kernan seconded.  MC 11-0.  The Board went into closed session.

The Board returned to open session.

Ambrose motioned to adjourn the meeting. Brown seconded.  MC 11-0.

The Conference Board approves these minutes to be published in the Taylor County Conference Board Minute Book:

    __________________________________ Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairperson Taylor County Conference Board    __________________________________ Corey Leftwich, Preparer          Taylor County Auditor
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