January 28th 2021 Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2021
The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session with Doug Horton, Ron Fitzgerald, Pam
Wilmarth, and Deputy Auditor Sue Cox present.
Wilmarth made a motion Fitzgerald seconded by to approve the minutes of last meeting and todays
agenda. Motion carried 3-0.
Belinda Ogle joined the meeting.
Ryan Berven and Katie Schmit, Group Benefit Partners, met with the Board reference health insurance
that begin July 1, 2021. There was discussion on lower the deductible for all employees that are on
health insurance to benefit all employees insured. Ryan Berven stated that our reserve fund to pay
down the deductible for our employees was at a good rate and could be used towards the lower
deductible insurance.
At 10:00, Tracy Head, Crystal Drake, Sharon Dalton, Shellia Culp, Julie Robinson, and Tricia
Wilmarth joined the meeting to have a group discussion on health insurance. There was discussion
that our claims had decreased this year from 2019 claims. This could be because of COVID so that
may not be the norm. There was discussion on adding vision and dental. Crystal Drake said that her
staff would like to have vision offered to the employees. They will come up with a plan and send it
to the auditor’s office for distribution if approved by the Board of Supervisors. The dental plan
that they offer is not comparable to the dental insurance already offered to all employees. The
lower deductible was discussed and the staff in attendance thought the lower deductible would be
good. The Board said that would be one way to benefit all covered staff. They will also get
information to us about this plan.
Crystal Drake updated the Board at 10:34 a.m. She said there will be vaccination clinics coming in
the next week. They are scheduled to vaccinate the Bedford school tomorrow. Lenox Schools will be
vaccinated on February 5. School staff, law enforcement, fire, and vulnerable aged residents will
be able to be vaccinated with the 1B group starting February 1ˢᵗ. They have over 800 on their
waiting list for the vaccine at this time. They receive several phone calls a day in reference to
the vaccination. Public Health will be charging $45.00 to the insurance companies for an
administrative fee for each vaccine.
She discussed with the Board about writing letters to our legislatures to help get more vaccine in
our area.
At 11:15 a.m. Jan Beach-Sickels joined the meeting to discuss her budget for the Ambulance. She
would like to purchase a new ambulance this year to replace the older (1995 Ambulance) in Lenox.
The Board asked Jan to get another bid for a new ambulance. They tabled approval of her budget
until they receive another bid and talk to Bethany about financial arrangements for a new
11:54 JD King, Jim Rowe, and Mike Bowman from Secondary Roads met with the Board. King stated that
the gravels are being bladed. There was discussion on the Skid Steer, Trailer, Extended Warranty,
Grapple and Forks. The bid is from CAT and they were asked to get another bid. The Board discussed
the possibility of purchasing the skid steer and accessories next fiscal year since they agreed to
two motor graders after being told they could get one this year. It was stated no more purchases if
they were allowed to purchase two, which they did.
The Board approved the liquor license for Dollar General in Lenox, Iowa.

Pam Wilmarth discussed her Southern Hills Mental Health meeting.
Ron Fitzgerald discussed his meeting with Crossroads and ATURA.
No further business came before the Board at this time and the meeting adjourned subject to call.
Attest: Doug Horton, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Sue Cox, Taylor County Deputy Auditor

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