March 9th 2023 Meeting Minutes



The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Supervisor Fitzgerald called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisor roll call: Fitzgerald, Watson, Beggs, all present.  Also present: Corey Leftwich, and Rob Welch.

Watson motioned to approve the minutes from March 2nd, as well as approve the agenda for today’s meeting with the discussion of equipment disposal forms, assignment of title and the Courthouse eagle being discussed after Secondary Roads.  Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Welch reported on progress in public comments.  Welch left the meeting.

Beggs reported on his meeting with SICOG.  Fitzgerald reported that the Board for Workforce was disbanded and will now be handled by the state. 

There were no utility permits to discuss for Secondary Roads. 

The Board reviewed and approved equipment disposal forms for County inventory.  The Board also executed the Assignment of Title for previously awarded sealed bids for County property.

The Board discussed the eagle statue outside the Courthouse.  Shellia Culp joined the meeting and advised she could put lacquer or clear coat on the statue.  Culp left the meeting.

Cole Walters joined the meeting.  Walters presented to the Board, a request for Taylor County to participate in the Invitation to Qualify Grant.  He advised it is a grant from the state, utilizing federal dollars to bring broadband internet to residents.  He advised SICOG is working to identify areas that would be best served by this bringing broadband internet to Taylor County.  Walters advised that once a location is identified, he will return to request approval from the Board.  Walters left the meeting.

The Board reviewed the renewal forms for the Assured Partners renewal for insurance for FY24.  The Board discussed and signed the renewal forms.

Nick Fehring joined the meeting.  Fehring presented to the Board, with three bids for mowers for the Conservation department.  Watson motioned to approve the purchase of the Ferris Lawnmower from LOST funds for Conservation, for the amount of $16,499.00.  Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Beggs motioned to go into closed session under Iowa Code 21.5(1)(i) to discuss an employee evaluation, with the inclusion of Jack Reed. Watson seconded.  MC 3-0.

The Board returned to open session.  Watson motioned to approve the medical evaluation of an employee to be paid for by the county.  Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Jodi Still joined the meeting.

Leftwich presented to the Board, the request to have the results of the sexual harassment investigation released to the public.  Watson motioned to release the sexual harassment investigation results per Leftwich’s request.  Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

The Board reviewed topics for discussion in future meetings.  Watson motioned to adjourn the meeting. Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Corey Leftwich, Auditor

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