February 16th 2023 Meeting Minutes



The Taylor County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

Supervisor Fitzgerald called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisor roll call: Fitzgerald, Watson, Beggs, all present.  Also present: Corey Leftwich, Josh Good, Kimberly Watson, Sandy Schubert, Stan Mattes, Kay Goodridge, David Winney, Sandy Boswell, Dani Lawrence and Justin Savage.

Beggs motioned to approve the minutes from February 9th and February 13th, as well as approve the agenda for today’s meeting.  Watson seconded.  MC 3-0.

In public comments, Goodridge presented to the Board the request to not reconsider Bethany Murphy for rehire in the Assessor’s Office.  Goodridge appealed to the Board the concern with Taylor County’s reputation in the state, the toxic environment that has been created in the Courthouse, and that it is not personal.  Schubert also advised it is not personal, but that the Conference Board had not handled the situation correctly.  Schubert expressed concern that there were possibly two good candidates for the Assessor position but the Examining Board only recommended one.  Schubert also expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership and lack of integrity being display by some members of the Board, and that Maynes coming in to present to the Board without being on the agenda is not following proper procedure.  Boswell stated she appreciates Leftwich and advised he has improved the atmosphere in the County.  Mattes expressed appreciation for the Board and Leftwich for continuing through the trying times.  Mattes also stated that the technology in the County has improved which he appreciates.  Mattis, Goodridge, Schubert, Boswell, and Lawrence left the meeting.

Fitzgerald reported on his Matura meeting.  Beggs reported on his attendance at the Clearfield City Council meeting.  Brief discussion occurred regarding the All-Systems Permit that was previously discussed.

Savage discussed the 5-year plan to the Board, addressing issues with road maintenance and bridge projects throughout the County.  Savage also requested approval for the hiring of Travis Snethen for Engineering Technician I. Watson motioned to approve the hiring, Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.  Jackie Ewart joined the meeting.

The Board discussed with Taylor County Partners, the response that was received from the Auditor of State’s Office, regarding the use of ARPA funds to assist with the development of the “Connect Center.”  Watson advised that the County Attorney recommend further research be conducted to be ensure the process is completed correctly, and how it could benefit the County for Public Health.  The Board advised they will continue to review the possibility of a partnership, but that it won’t be done as quickly as desired.  They continued to follow up in future meetings to discuss any progress made.

The Board discussed 203 Main Street and the best way to liquidate it.  Options were discussed regarding who would list the property, where it would be advertised, and if a hearing would be required to approve any offers being made.  The Board advised they will research what steps are required, and that they will revisit the discussion next week.  Nick Fehring, Dray Walter, and Jeff Soulsby joined the meeting. 

Fehring presented the requested budget for the Conservation and Sanitarian Departments for fiscal year 2024 to the Board members.  The Board reviewed the budget request and Fehring answered questions about the budget that were asked by the Board.  Fehring, Walter and Soulsby left the meeting.

There were no bids received for the EMA generator.  The Board decided to table it for further review next week. 

The Board reviewed the tax abatement discussed in previous meetings, and decided to request that the County Attorney draft a rural property tax abatement option for new construction, to be reviewed in future meetings.  The Board would like to see the draft of an option for a 3 year tax abatement of 75% for year 1, 50% for year 2, and 25% for year 3.  The draft should be inclusive of residents who have built in the prior years, who may qualify for year 2 or year 3 depending upon when construction was completed.  The Board will revisit once they have a draft from the Attorney to review.

The Board reviewed Resolution 2023-09 to reappoint Chris England to SIRHA for another 3-year term, to expire on April 9, 2026.  Watson motioned to approve Resolution 2023-09, Beggs abstained from the vote.  MC 3-0.

The Board review and approved claims to be paid.  The Board discussed the inclement weather currently impacting the Courthouse.  Beggs motioned to close the Courthouse at 11:30, Watson seconded.  MC 3-0.

The Board reviewed topics for discussion in future meetings.  Watson motioned to adjourn the meeting, Beggs seconded.  MC 3-0.

Ronald Fitzgerald, Chairman, Board of Supervisors

Corey Leftwich, Auditor

The Taylor County Board of Supervisors meet regularly on Thursdays beginning at 9:00 a.m.  All meetings are open to the public unless, for purposes described in Code of Iowa chapter 21, a closed meeting is necessary or advisable to protect the interests of individuals or the county.  All persons are invited to take an active role in Taylor County government.

*Agenda appointments will need to be scheduled through the Taylor County Auditor’s Office.  The deadline for new appointments is 4:00 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the meeting.

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