Resolution 2023-05 – Business Authorization Resolution

The undersigned, Corey Leftwich hereby certifies that he/she is the duly elected, qualified Officer of Taylor County (Business Name), with Tax id 42-6004269 that the following resolutions were duly adopted on 11/23/22 (date); and that the following is a true and correct copy of said

resolutions as the appear in the organization’s minutes book.

RESOLVED, that this company apply for and obtain a business credit card account.

FUTHER RESOLVED, that each account obtained be issued one card embossed with the name of

the designated Business Officer or employee that sales drafts, and other instruments for

charges, be signed by the designated Officer or employee shall be valid and binding upon this


FUTHER RESOLVED, that any of the following officers of this organization are empowered to

authorize TCM Bank, N.A. to make any type of changes to this business account.

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