Assessor’s Office Closures

Assessor’s Office Closures January 18th 2023 | 10am – 1:30pm January 19th -20th 2023 | All Day The Taylor County Assessor’s Office will closed today – January 18th 2023 – from 10 am – 1:30pm. The office will also be closed all day both January 19th and 20th 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this[…]

2023 Board Of Supervisors Named Officers and Committee Assignments

2023 BOS Officers and Committees Assigned January 11th 2023 Corey Leftwich 712-523-2280 Board Of Supervisors Information Meeting Minutes During  proceedings held on January 3rd 2023; The newly appointed Taylor County Board Of Supervisors named their Officers for the term as well as assigned committees. Taylor County Board Of Supervisors Chairman Of The Board Ronald Fitzgerald[…]

Notice Of 2022 General Election

NOTICE OF GENERAL ELECTION November 8th 2022 Bethany Murphy 712-523-2280 Written Notice Sample Ballot Taylor County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Bethany Murphy, hereby gives notice that there will be a GENERAL ELECTION in Taylor County, Iowa on November 8, 2022. Qualified electors of Taylor County will vote at the polling places designated below for[…]

Notice of Public Meeting

Notice Of Public Meeting Sep 2022 The Taylor County Board of Supervisors are holding a public meeting on the proposed Elevator/Electrical Project that will be on the ballot November 8, 2022. This meeting will be held at the United Christian Presbyterian Church 1500 Industrial Avenue Bedford, Iowa on September 8, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. There[…]

Past Election Results

Past Election Results The most recent election results are at the top of the page.  Scroll down to view older election results. To view the election results, just click on the line identifying the election. November 8th 2022 General Election Results Click HERE OFFICIAL RESULTS CITY/SCHOOL ELECTIONS 2021Click HERE OFFICIAL RESULTS2020 General Election_____________________________________________JUNE 2, 2020 PRIMARY ELECTION[…]

General Election Filing Date – Update

News Release July 2022 Bethany Murphy 712-523-2280 Taylor County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Bethany Murphy, announces that pursuant to a Federal Court Order, the filing period for candidates for Nonparty political organization (NPPO) and Non-Affiliated party persons for the upcoming General Election, held on November 8, 2022, has changed. Anyone interested in running as[…]

2022 Redistricting Public/Election Public Notice

News Release April 2022 Bethany Murphy 712-523-2280 Distrit Maps 2022 As many of you know, Taylor County has been waiting for our redistricting and reprecincting maps from the Secretary of State and the Legislative Service Agency. These are the agency’s responsible for drawing the new voting precincts as new supervisor districts.  The maps are redone[…]

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