The TAYLOR COUNTY will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of amending the current budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2023

Meeting Date/Time: 6/1/2023 01:00 PM

Contact: Corey Leftwich Phone: (712) 523-2280
Meeting Location: Board of Supervisors’ Room – 405 Jefferson Street, Bedford, IA 50833

There will be no increase in taxes. Any residents or taxpayers will be heard for or against the proposed amendment at the time and place specified above. A detailed statement of: additional receipts, cash balances on hand at the close of the preceding fiscal year, and proposed disbursements, both past and
anticipated, will be available at the hearing. Budget amendments are subject to protest. If protest petition requirements are met, the State Appeal Board will hold a local hearing. For more information, consult

  REVENUES & OTHER FINANCING SOURCES Total Budget as Certified or Last AmendedCurrent AmendmentTotal Budget After Current Amendment
Taxes Levied on Property14,140,9827424,141,724
Less: Uncollected Delinquent Taxes – Levy Year23,03003,030
Less: Credits to Taxpayers3252,1040252,104
Net Current Property Tax43,885,8487423,886,590
Delinquent Property Tax Revenue51,60001,600
Penalties, Interest & Costs on Taxes6000
Other County Taxes/TIF Tax Revenues7289,946-451289,495
Licenses & Permits95,60005,600
Charges for Service10301,2200301,220
Use of Money & Property1145,260045,260
Subtotal Revenue1310,410,332-9,12910,401,203
Other Financing Sources:    
General Long-Term Debt Proceeds14000
Operating Transfers In15961,3950961,395
Proceeds of Fixed Asset Sales16000
Total Revenues & Other Sources1711,371,727-9,12911,362,598
Public Safety and Legal Services182,170,79865,3572,236,155
Physical Health and Social Services191,530,26101,530,261
Mental Health, ID & DD20000
County Environment & Education21520,350112,467632,817
Roads & Transportation224,276,35604,276,356
Government Services to Residents23425,21712,072437,289
Nonprogram Current25000
Debt Service26299,250-1,200298,050
Capital Projects27200,0000200,000
Subtotal Expenditures2811,707,251206,82811,914,079
Other Financing Uses:    
Operating Tranfers Out29961,3950961,395
Refunded Debt/Payments to Escrow30000
Total Expenditures & Other Uses3112,668,646206,82812,875,474
Excess of Revenues & Other Sources over (under) Expenditures & Other Uses32-1,296,919-215,957-1,512,876
Beginning Fund Balance – July 1, 2022333,986,4582,923,1476,909,605
Increase (Decrease) in Reserves (GAAP Budgeting)34000
Fund Balance – Nonspendable35000
Fund Balance – Restricted361,455,5222,391,8173,847,339
Fund Balance – Committed37000
Fund Balance – Assigned38000
Fund Balance – Unassigned391,234,017315,3731,549,390
Total Ending Fund Balance – June 30, 2023402,689,5392,707,1905,396,729
Explanation of Changes: Revisions to account for one-time expenses, turn-over and general increase in anticipated costs. Also accounts for expenditures for which the County has already received or saved funds for.
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